What’s Your Word?

The New Year is upon us and I find my mind filling with plans and dreams. I know that January 1st, 2014 is just another day. It means nothing but changing a calendar and the last number when you’re writing down the date. But to me, I see possibilities that I don’t see on the other days. It feels new, even if it’s all in my head. It gives me courage to feel like I can change. Maybe it’s that way for you too.

I like to pick a word to embody what I want to do/feel/be for the year. New Year’s Resolutions are all well and good but I usually just forget them within a few weeks, there’s already a lot for my brain to remember on a daily basis. A word, however, I can remember one little word, and try to apply it where and when I can.

My word for 2014 is “Strength”.

I realized after it chose me that all three years so far have started with ‘s’. Surrender, Shine, and now Strength. It’s really hard to see myself as a strong person. I have my moments when I look at my past and how far I’ve come and the thought creeps up that yes, I am strong, and then there are other times when I don’t feel very strong in the here-and-now.

What’s your word?

Up above I made a word collage of some words that might jump out at you if your word hasn’t discovered you yet. In the Self Love Planner I leave a place for you to also pick a word of the month. A theme for you to explore. Putting your focus on a positive word can help you get your stuff together. Believe me, I know.

If you are having trouble knowing what your word is, here are a few suggestions.

Close your eyes and ask yourself what you need.

What do you need in 2014? What comes to you? Is there a word that resonates inside of you that you just feel is right for you? If there’s a goal that you want to reach, what quality will help you get there? Perseverance? Support? Passion? What things will get you to where you want to go?

Seek what you need.

  • Deanna Kimball Herrman

    OMG, that's my 2014 word too! I've given it lots of thought. My 2013 was "forward" and it really did manifest for me in many ways I'd hoped. Happy new year, lovely Dominee!

  • Elizabeth Goddard

    My words for 2014 are 'calm' and 'routine'. I'd like more of both in my life, and had success this year with the words 'simplify' and 'self-care' πŸ™‚

  • Anita Kaiser

    when i closed my eyes and asked and then opened them up acceptance was what popped out for me. it challenges me just thinking about it! πŸ™‚

  • bunnykissd

    My word came to me a few weeks ago: COURAGE.

  • Angie Bowen

    My words for 2014 are Health and Yoga. I've spent more than a decade with an untreated autoimmune disorder and have spent the last 6 months getting that under control. I now feel ready to put my all into building the health that I've slowly lost over the past 16 years. Yoga has done so much to help me with my healing that I've discovered my soul's purpose to complete yoga teacher training and share this fabulous gift with others who need it.

  • Sunfire

    I shared my words for the year in a blog post. http://pyrosunfire.blogspot.com/2013/12/kios-words-for-2014.html

  • Sweet Red Clover

    My word is CONDITION for several reasons…I talked about it on my blog today (http://sweetredclover.blogspot.com/2013/12/word-and-bird.html)! I can relate to looking back and realizing you are strong (or brave or 'x' thing), but not feeling that way at this time in life. Great big positive vibes for strength from me to you! <3

  • Laurie

    My word for 2014 is CONSCIOUS(ness)! I am ready to be more aware of everything in my life, from what I am thinking & feeling (and perhaps the why's behind them a little more clearly) to my actions, reactions, and everyday choices such as way I spend my time, what I give my attention to, who I share my time with, what foods I fuel my body with, the clothes I wear, the books I read, the shows I watch, the art I make, what my heart and inner guidance are telling me…basically I just want to be more aware of and present to EVERYTHING in my life!

  • I'm still trying to feel my word out, but I'm leaning towards "trust." This will be the third year I've chosen a word, and if it's anything like the last two, this word will manifest in so many ways. The power of words is so incredible to me.

  • Dominee

    Soul sister!! Do you have any particular "strengths" you're focusing on? Me – strength of character, emotional strength, and I really want to start working out and having a strong body.

  • Dominee

    So glad that your words were successful last year and I wish you the best in 2014! I love the word 'calm' I'm trying very hard to focus on lessening my stress.

  • Dominee

    Challenge is good! <3

  • Dominee

    May you have a beautiful and courageous 2014!

  • Dominee

    That is so wonderful! Good luck with your yoga training and I hope 2014 is all that you wish it to be!

  • Dominee

    Love love love it! From someone who can be incredibly indecisive herself I hope that choosing those words for yourself helps!

  • Dominee

    I think I just visited your blog for the first time, LOVE it, I dig your writing style and your art is so pretty! I followed you on bloglovin' so I remember to return πŸ™‚ Whoohoo for choosing a word!

  • Dominee

    That sounds wonderful and amazing and I hope that consciousness creates amazing and beautiful changes in your life.

  • Dominee

    It is, it is so incredible and magical. I am wishing you a very happy new year Cassandra!

  • ElvenWinter

    Sanctuary – support, love, peace, serenity, moving with grace. Looking at your wordcloud above, dream, nurture, self-love, self-care, softness, flow, ease, sweetness, beloved, compassion, nourish, sacred, healing, and rest are all sort of wrapped up within that… I am at a place of needing intense inner healing, and somehow "creating a sanctuary" for myself has become my intent for the next year…. so sanctuary is sort of the keyword, but there is a lot wrapped up in it.

  • La’Saundra Anderson

    My word

  • Deanna Kimball Herrman

    Gaining strength in setting boundaries and to push myself harder at work now that I'm aiming to move up. πŸ™‚