The wonderful thing about Self Care is that it’s different for everyone. What may help keep me sane and happy may not float your boat and it’s all good. Self care has an amazing effect all through out your life. Taking the time for me has helped lower my stress and anxiety levels, ease my depression, improve my relationships with those around me and raise my self-esteem levels. It’s amazing that something so simple as meditating 10 minutes a day or working on a jigsaw or reading or taking a timeout for a tea break or stepping away from work when my mind’s not in it. And naps, naps are important.

How is any of this life-changing?

When you take the time to practice self care you are intentionally creating time for yourself. Time. One of the most precious commodities we have and you’re spending it on yourself. Not chores, or kids, or spouse, or work, or errands. You’re spending it on you. You’re telling yourself that you are worth the time, and planting that little seed in your heart:

“I am worth it.” Is life-changing.

This is a teeny tiny peek into my self care, it included lots of early morning walks, scrumptious baths, many many books and rest and relaxation.

What did your self care look like in 2013? Is there any way you can do better in the year to come?

  • Anita Kaiser

    woo hoo! thank you! I'm so thrilled that I won!

  • Dominee

    I just let go of some negative people in my life so that I could start 2014 out right and boy does it suck! Still, it's for the best and good for you for doing that! I hope 2014 is beautiful for you!

  • Sage

    Thank you! I hope the same for you 🙂