Hello lovely yous!

I’m super (read:zomgsohappyhappyhappy) excited to announce that my newest thang is open for registration at a special low price!

*drumroll please*

Journey Through Journaling is a 6-week course that starts on May 5th. Every Sunday for six weeks I’m going to pop into your inbox with journaling prompts for every day of the week to inspire you to write about your thoughts and experiences.

It’s going to be awesome!

I don’t think it’s any secret that I absolutely love writing. Nary a day goes by that I’m not writing or typing something or another.

I credit my transformation from depressed, crying, angry, girl with too much emotional baggage to pack into a U-Haul to this current me (have I mentioned how happy I am right now?!). I still have my stuff to deal with, but I am a much happier person and I credit that to my own self-awareness. Self-awareness that I discovered through writing down my thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou

Putting pen to paper is such a powerful way to get into your own head and figure things out. I wanted a way to bottle that which is why I came up with over 220 questions, under 54 life themes.

The journaling prompts in this course are deep, soulful, and insightful. I wanted you to be able to connect with each theme, to dig deep into your experiences, and bring them to light. There are some really hard questions, things that will really make you think and there’s also some questions that will allow you to see and acknowledge all of the beauty within you and around you.

In addition to a ton of journaling prompts you’re also getting access to a private facebook group, as well as the Journey Through Journaling Guidebook which will teach you how to deal with your Inner Critic, how to get over the blank page, and why journaling is awesome.

Journey Through Journaling starts May 5th, sign up today!

    • JessCarlson

      All signed up and very excited for this, Dominee! The shelves upon shelves that I have of blank journals dying to be filled are really looking forward to it as well. 🙂